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Personalized Gift Clocks

Anyone who knows the intense work and precision that goes into clockmaking knows that it’s for the detail-oriented and inspired. When it comes to creating beautiful clocks, we know how much precise calculations and connections on a scale of mere centimeters mean. That’s why we spare no effort when designing and crafting our aluminum clocks. Through hard work and vision, we’ve created a collection of personalized gift clocks to dazzle any loved one!

Personalized Clocks for Weddings

Finding just the right gift for a wedding can be important, but you may feel like you need an intimate knowledge of the interests of both bride and groom in order to do so. Maybe the answer is a personalized gift. Clocks from Wendell August Forge can be customized for weddings to fit the shared taste of the couple. These clocks are handcrafted and made with beautiful designs behind the hands, all the way from floral to representations of famous skylines. If you’re looking to dazzle someone with a gift, one of our aluminum clocks is definitely the way to go!

Clocks from Wendell August Forge

Here at Wendell August, we work our hardest to uphold the artistic integrity of all the items we create. From personalized gift clocks to ornaments, our metalworking projects are meant to become a beloved family heirloom. If there’s a special someone that you care to gift with the treasure of careful, artisan metalwork, look no further than Wendell August Forge!

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