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Discerning decorators should never underestimate the power of a simple candle. Be they scented or not, large or small, candles have the unrivaled power to completely change the atmosphere of a room. What’s more, you can add a very unique flair with your own personalized candles to make sure that they fit perfectly with your unique sense of style!

Personalized Candles

Candles can be a perfect gift for someone to let them know you care, but it’s also better to make each item special. When you purchase a Wendell August Forge candle for your loved one, you’re buying a personalized product created with hand-crafted love. Our Personalized candles are unique in that we put the utmost care and creativity into a wide variety of candles, such as those with wooden wicks that will burn and crackle like a calming fireplace.

We even have votive candle holders designed with customizable sayings and images. Your friends and family will surely appreciate the extra attention to detail when you buy them their very own personalized gift! Candles are perfect for weddings, holidays, graduations, and more.

Order Candles from Wendell August Forge!

We put our absolute utmost attention and care into every single product we make and sell, and our personalized candles are no exception. Whether you’re looking to add a new flair or scent to a room or to simply give a small gift of love to someone you care about, you can bet that they will be able to feel the uniqueness of their candle before even lighting it. Get you or your loved ones a personalized gift in the form of candles from Wendell August Forge!

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