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Personalized Nightlights

Light your way in the dark with beautiful, handcrafted, and personalized nightlights for a kitchen, bathroom, or child’s room. In fact, these lights create soothing ambient lighting for any situation! Whether you’re looking for an effective way to let your young one fall asleep peacefully, or simply create a pleasing light source to sleep or relax to, Wendell August Forge has you covered.

Aluminum Nightlights

While the purpose of a night light is, of course, to provide light, it never hurts to have that light accompanied by an intricate design of metalwork. Here at Wendell August Forge, we have a variety of hand-sculpted metal nightlights, with images of everything from adorable animals to a scene of Noah’s arc. These comforting images are sure to add a very warm and soft light to bedtime, while also looking wonderful during the day.

Light From Wendell August Forge

Here at Wendell August, we take pride in all of our metalwork and assure a quality product every time you purchase one of our unique personalized nightlights. We know that you’ll love our metal nightlights, but that’s far from the only reason that you should check out our work. We’ve got plenty of decorative and useful metal pieces that are sure to make any room or assortment look its best. Shop for your new nightlight from Wendell August Forge today!

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