The Rich History of Metal Forging as an Art – Infographic

Jun 29th 2015

Since the dawn of time, man has bended, sculpted and molded metals to meet a variety of needs. In fact, the art of metal forging can be traced back to as early as 4000 BC, where nomads and cavemen alike transformed bronze & iron into useful hand tools and hunting weapons to help them survive. Though the technology used and means have changed, the use of metal for both function and fashion continued throughout the years and has lasted well into the modern age. Follow along as we explore how the art of metal forging came to be what it is today.
The Rich History of Metal Forging as an Art
The Origins of Metal Works & Forging With its resilient nature, archeologists have been able to find some of the earliest artifacts of metalwork dating back to 4000 BC, and traces of such dating even earlier than that. Some of the earliest civilizations have been found to use metals for a variety of uses, including tools, utensils, ritual masks and even statues. Some of the finest early metalsmiths were those of ancient Egyptian times, who used metals to handcraft decorative plates, masks, necklaces and other artwork that many of which are still being unearthed to this day. Historians point out that the Incans, Mayans, Aztecs, Romans and Greeks were all using metal forgery as a primary means for utility and artwork. While the art died out for a brief period of time, the Medieval Period saw a revival of forgery as an art, and metalworks once again became an important part of culture and were used as a designation of class. The Emergence of Skilled Metalsmiths By the time the 19th century came, metalsmiths became important members of society and various metal objects both complex and simple in nature became standard. With the rise of metalsmithing as an art, people across the globe began searching for ways to set their skills apart from the rest. New techniques were developed and altered in order to perfectly craft and sculpt intricate detail into each piece of metalwork produced. Even now as computer technology has taken over most of America’s industries, the finest quality of metal works and sculptures come from those who hold true to the original hand-wrought ways to create exceptional, one of a kind works of art that can never be imitated by machine. Since 1923, the metalsmiths at Wendell August have prided themselves on remaining true to tradition to create handcrafted metalworks that serve purpose in both functionality and fashion. We understand that life’s most precious moments are not mass produced, but rather customized to your own experience. That’s why our metalsmiths focus on giving everything they touch that personal feel to help create personalized keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come. No matter what the occasion, shop Wendell August today for all of life’s special moments.