Marilyn Monroe- Legends and Legacies

Jun 1st 2017

Our Legends and Legacies Collection is inspired by the greats of our past. Our first subject was an easy pick. A pop-icon like no other, Marilyn Monroe's blond hair and red lipstick has made her one of the most recognizable faces of all time. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, Marilyn was both a model and an actress. She quickly became famous for playing what she even called "dumb blonde" characters. These roles also turned her into one of the most popular sex symbols of all time. What many do not know, however, is the difficult road that lead her to fame. Marilyn spent much of her childhood moving between foster homes and an orphanage and was married by the age of 16. In 1944, she was working in a factory as part of the war effort when she was introduced to a photographer from the First Motion Picture Unit and began a successful pin-up modeling career. The work led film contracts with Twentieth Century-Fox and Columbia Pictures. She became a popular actress with roles in several comedies, including As Young as You Feel and Monkey Business, and in the dramas Clash by Night and Don't Bother to Knock. Her movies would gross more than $200 million by the time of her unexpected death in 1962. More than a half century after her death, she still influences popular culture. From singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to being the subject of some of the most famous photographs ever taken, Marilyn will always be known most for one thing... her legendary style.