As We Welcome Spring We Bring you Magnolia

Mar 15th 2011

[caption id="attachment_249" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Wendell August Introducing a new line of products from a historic die - Magnolia"]Magnolia Collection Introduction[/caption] The magnolia is an ancient plant, even pre-dating the venerable honey bee. As a result, the flower evolved to be beautiful but also durable. The beauty attracts us; the sturdiness protected it from hungry insects. The magnolia survived such global disruptions as ice ages, continental drifts of yesteryear and even the formation of mountains. The magnolia has been with us for a long, long time. It is with that spirit that Wendell August offers this Magnolia Series. The original Wendell August magnolia design lives on in dies that have been part of our artistic legacy for decades. The company has kept that iconic design while releasing the new line of plates, trays and dishes which bear the magnolia’s inimitable signature. They are a combination of the beauty that is the magnolia, fused with the durability of a flower which has accompanied our planet for ages. The result of this marriage between the ageless and the timeless is a series of pieces which are both beautiful and functional. No matter what your serving requirements, from the coaster to the large tray, there is a Wendell August Magnolia Collection design which is perfect for you and the statement you are making. The magnolia is celebrated throughout the world as a hearty traveler and survivor. In China, the Magnolia has been cultivated for thousands of years, where they are symbols of purity and nobility. In Japan, the flower of the magnolia is called Hanakotoba. It means “sublime” and “love of nature.” Magnolias are associated with new life and are often given on the occasion of a new birth. The Magnolia bloom is a harbinger of springtime and the annual rebirth we celebrate throughout the southern United States. They are said to be associated with “splendid beauty” and “magnificence.” Magnolias have been celebrated throughout history and across many cultures. Wendell August is proud to give new life to this historic die. We kept the die for special occasions and we hope that you will enjoy the “splendid beauty” and “magnificence” in our artistic Magnolia giftware.