5 Simple Steps to Liven Up Your Home Décor

May 25th 2015

If you’ve ever wanted to add a little extra charm to your living room, dining room or any area of the home without a complete remodel, you do have options that don’t include tearing out the old fixtures and replacing the furniture. The items you choose to include in your home décor can often make or break a room. From an elegantly crafted hostess tray to a small vase of flowers, you can quickly update the look you want with a few special items that won’t break the bank.

Add Some Light

When your home is dark and dim, it feels smaller and makes it hard to read or enjoy your hobbies in the home. Instead of trying to light the entire room, add layers of light that highlight where you work. Work to find a balance so that your guests don’t feel as if they are in a hospital. Use lampshades to direct the light to the right spot or add a dimmer to tone down lights and give the room an entirely new atmosphere.

Tracery Decorative Switch Plate Cover

Invest in a Focus Piece

A personalized serving platter made of beautiful metal makes a stunning conversation piece on your coffee table. Match it to decorative coasters that protect the surface of your table. Add complements to the room but keep the focus on one item. This serving platter helps organize the table and keeps smaller pieces together, like candles, your coffee cup and even a small vase for reduced clutter with a glamorous look.

Monet Copper Bowl

Repurpose Items

A ceramic planter makes a unique trash receptacle for your living room. Take a small galvanized metal bucket and fill it with flowers for an unassuming vase. Don’t be afraid to use what you have in your closet in new and interesting ways. Not only is it eco-friendly, but wallet-friendly as well!

Create Conversation Centers

Utilize furniture throughout the home to create places where you can talk to your guests. Although many rooms seem to focus on the television or entertainment center, you can add more dimension to your place and make it visitor-friendly by remembering that your friends are there to socialize. Place sofas and chairs in an arrangement that encourages conversation. Place a personalized hostess tray with drinks and treats on a coffee table to help your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Nashville Cityscape Square Entertaining Tray

Use Storage Solutions

To reduce clutter in your home, find storage ideas and utilize them in your closets. This makes your décor and special keepsakes stand out even more than before because it isn’t competing with other odds & ends thrown around the room. Taking care of clutter also reduces stress, creating a relaxing atmosphere all throughout the home and letting its character shine through.

It’s often said that decorating the home is one of the hardest parts of defining your living space. At Wendell August, we make finding that perfect centerpiece for any room of the home easier than ever with our unique, personalized keepsakes and gifts. From our unique decorative coasters to our personalized serving platters & trays, our expert artisans pride themselves in helping homeowners truly make their living space their own oasis to relax & entertain. For all of life’s special moments and everything in between, bring your home to life with help from the unique metalware from Wendell August.