2018 Annual Christmas Ornament - The Nutcracker- Aluminum

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Whimsical Nutcracker Gift The nutcracker is one of the most iconic and recognizable symbols of Christmas time. Whether it immediately fills your head with the tune of a Tchaikovsky suite, or simply reminds you of the aesthetics of holiday seasons long past, no Christmas tree is complete without a handsome nutcracker hanging on one of the branches in plain view! Aluminum Nutcracker Ornament This is our 2018 annual ornament, and, here at Wendell August Forge, it' the year of the nutcracker! This circular aluminum ornament is inspired by the classic children' story and ballet from the 1800s that has become central to the holiday season. This nutcracker Christmas ornament features the titular character just as he' about to come to life to make new friends, dance with the sugar plum fairy, battle the mouse king, and find his way to becoming the king of the land of sweets! Designed by artist Kip Richmond and die engraver, Len Youngo, this is the perfect nutcracker gift to remind anyone that youre never too old to get lost in the magical world of a child' imagination! Shop Ornaments at Wendell August Forge We spare no effort when it comes to the care and craftsmanship applied to all of our metal products and ornaments. However, you dont have to take our word for it! Add a quality nutcracker gift to you and your loved one' Christmas decor and celebrate this holiday season with pride and joy. Annual Ornaments are handstamped with 2018 on the back of each ornament.